{VIDEO] WWII Bomb Detonated After Being Found on Construction Site

via  Youtube

Strange things are found on job sites across the globe all the time.  We’ve shared plenty of stories in the past about the odd things construction workers have discovered, like human remains, 200,000 year old mammoth bonesancient roman treasure, and more.  When contractors dig in the dirt, there’s always a chance of uncovering history.  Sometimes, though, the things found can be extremely dangerous.

Recently, a bomb from World War II was found during construction of a project in Birmingham, West Minster.  Bombs have been found buried in the past, but most of the time there’s no risk to them exploding.  This time, however, the bomb had to be detonated in order to isolate the risk.  The result was an impressive drone video of the blast, shared by the local police department, which you can watch below.

According to BBC, the British Army said the found device was one of the biggest ever unexploded bombs discovered in the UK. Metro reported that hundreds of homes around the construction site were evacuated from the area after the discovery.

So, the next time you come across a hunk of metal on your jobsite, don’t assume it’s inactive.