[VIDEO] Construction Workers Catch, Tie Up Alleged Thief to Scaffold

If this video of construction worker’s chasing down an alleged tool thief and hanging onto the hood of his car wasn’t enough to convince you to not mess with construction worker’s things, then maybe this new video will be.  Construction worker’s tools and trucks are their livelihoods, and they don’t take too kindly to people who don’t understand that.

Last week, construction workers in Charlotte, NC allegedly saw a man breaking into one of their trucks.  The workers were able to catch the man and then proceeded to tie him and tape him to some scaffold cross-bracing until the police arrived to arrest him. 

If you plan on making a citizen’s arrest, it’s important to know your state’s laws and requirements to do so.  If the arrest goes wrong, you can set yourself up for lawsuits and even jail time. As much as you might want to, using excessive force to detain someone can lead to assault and battery charges. If you apprehend the wrong person or violate their civil rights, you could set yourself up for a false imprisonment charge, so it’s important that you actually see the person committing the crime.

The video below (WARNING: strong language) was shared to Youtube by Pdre's Global Webcast:

And a short video after police show up from Fox 32 Chicago: