[VIDEO] Foundation of the World’s Next Tallest Tower in Dubai is Complete

In October of last year, officials in Dubai held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Dubai Creek Tower, a building which is expected to surpass the reigning “tallest building” champion, the Burj Dubai.   Flash forward just a few short months and over a million hours of labor have already been spent on the project, all accident free.

According to the progress report, over 6 million cubic feet of soil has been removed from the site for foundation work, over 211,000 tons of concrete have been placed, 15,000 tons of steel rebar cages installed, and one hundred forty-five 236-feet-deep concrete piles have been installed.

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, who is best known for his bridges, the tower will have several observation decks boasting some of the best views of the surrounding area. 

The final height of the building has yet to be announced, which is common for supertall buildings, as those involved want to avoid tipping their hand to fellow supertall building developers.  It’s expected that the tower will end up between 3,600 feet and 4,413 feet tall.  The Burj Khalifa is 2,722 feet tall.

Many are expecting the Jeddah Tower, located in Saudi Arabia, to be taller than the Dubai Creek Tower when it is completed around 2020, the same year the Dubai Creek Tower is also expected to be completed.  The initial estimate for total height for the Jeddah is 3,307 feet.  Contractors on the Jeddah Tower have already built 56 stories on the tower and you can see a bird’s eye view of the progress by clicking here.

Either way, it seems all but certain that the Burj Khalifa’s record as world’s tallest will soon be shattered.

Check out the video below to see how the foundation work on the Dubai Creek Tower was completed.