6 Construction Workers Injured After 30 Foot Building Collapses in Idaho

Construction crews in Parma, Idaho were busy working onmulti-story onion shed, when the under construction structure collapsed, sending some that were on the roof down with it.  14 crew members were either on the structure or around it at the time of collapse, but 6 of them were transported to the hospital.  First responders on the scene explained that it was lucky that only 6 were injured.

Not much is known about the building collapse at this time, but OSHA has already begun their investigation.  Workers on site told local ABC 6 that they heard a loud bang and then felt the structure give way. Judging by the videos below, there appeared to be bracing on the partially complete walls.

The extent of the injuries suffered by the 6 workers transported to the hospital is not yet known, but we obviously hope they all make a full recovery. 

For more details, check out the videos below from local ABC 6 and local CBS.