Live Construction Site Video Feed Helps Wisconsin Contractor Catch Trespasser

surveillance camera

surveillance camera

Video feeds on a construction site are not only great for timelapse videos, they can potentially help stop intruders who enter your site.

According to WISC-TV in Madison, Wisconsin, a construction site superintendent was watching a live video feed around 4 in the morning when he saw a man walking around his project’s job site.  The superintendent was able to call the police, who later arrested the man for suspicion of criminal trespass onto a construction site and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bolt cutters were also found by police near the site.

Sick of being ripped off, contractors across the country are using technology to stop thieves from stealing the tools and supplies.  A contractor in Oklahoma used a GPS tracker he strategically placed on an air compressor to catch the person who stole it.

Tool manufacturers are also getting more sensitive to the fact that contractors don’t like their tools to be stolen from them.  Milwaukee Tool and DeWalt have both launched Bluetooth tracking devices and Bluetooth connected tools that can help locate their last known location and alert the user if someone is in range of their tools.

If you want to get really serious about job site security, there’s also this all-in-one mobile lighting and surveillance system that has a 360 degree view of your site.  It’s also motion activated and allows users to pre-record messages to scare the trespasser off.

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