[VIDEO] Workers Safely Dismantle Construction Crane Damaged by Hurricane Irma

via Youtube

via Youtube

Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean and landed in South Florida a little over a week ago, sadly killing at least 50 people in Florida and causing plenty of property damage.  High winds that accompanied the storm also caused the collapse of 3 construction cranes – two in Miami and one more in Fort Lauderdale.  The crane in Fort Lauderdale was recently dismantled and the action was caught on video.

Shortly after the storm blew through Fort Lauderdale, crews working for Moss Construction began securing the damaged jib of the tower crane that had crumpled and fallen into the under construction Auberge Beach Residences and Spa.  No injuries or damage to the building was reported after the collapse.

It is yet to be determined what caused the collapse, as city officials said the cranes were rated for 145mph winds, but the top record wind speed was only around 100mph.

On September 13, Moss tweeted that the crane had been fully secured and there was no threat to any of the surrounding businesses, homes, and residents.

Later that week, the damaged jib was removed and safely lowered to the ground.  The workers were hoisted by basket from another crane and it appeared that they needed to unsecure the jib from the building and hook the section to the crane. Crane Spotters was there to capture the full process, which you can watch below:

Special thanks to Alex Barthet from The Lien Zone for sending the video our way!