[VIDEO] Construction Vehicles Swallowed by Massive Amount of Muddy Water After Dam Failure in Loas

As we saw after the Lake Oroville Dam in California collapsed earlier this year, dam failures can have sudden and devastating effects.  Recent footage showing raging muddy waters swallowing a construction site in a matter of seconds has been shared after river dam in Thatom, Loas failed.

In the terrifying video below, you can see workers scrambling as they notice the nearby water start to rage and 2 run to their vehicles to flee.  A grader ended up blocking their path and the two trucks were lifted up by the muddy water.

Amazingly, no injuries or deaths were reported from the flooding, according to Radio Free Asia (RFA). RFA also reported that the minister of Loas’ Ministry of Energy and Mines is blaming the contractor’s building the nearby hydropower dam for the incident and will be “legally responsible repairing the damage to electrical networks andwater supplies, because the reservoir’s construction was ‘not standard.’”

The dam failed on September 11 and released approximately 17.5 million cubic feet of water (500,000 cubic meters) to the areas below.

Full story: Faulty Construction, Heavy Rain Cause Dam to Flood Lao Villages | Radio Free Asia