Caterpillar Unveils Their First UTV at the World of Concrete 2018

Courtesy of Caterpillar, Inc

Courtesy of Caterpillar, Inc

Caterpillar, one of the giants of heavy construction equipment, was founded in 1925.  In their 93 years of existence, they have never manufactured a utility vehicle.  That is, until last week.

At the 2018 Word of Concrete in Las Vegas, which ran from January 23-26, Cat unveiled two versions of their new UTV, one gas powered and one diesel powered.  UTVs are seen on may large construction sites, allowing inspectors and supervisors to more quickly inspect the site, communicate with staff, or make quick material deliveries.

The design of both the gas powered (Cat CUV82) and diesel model (Cat CUV102D) is generally the same, with the diesel topping out at 25mph and the gas reaching upwards of 45mph.  The speed restriction on the diesel removes the need for some safety features the gas version requires, like small doors, which allow quicker access for those who desire it. 

Both have very spacious cabs, in both width and height, which is important for us contractors who have a more sturdy build.  I’m 6’3” and felt more than comfortable inside the cab. There is ample area for storage in the cab, as well, with built in document holders, a removable passenger seat, and behind the seat storage.

The UTVs also come standard with an all-steel cargo bed, which has a 1,000 pound capacity. Both are able to haul 2,000 pounds. There are several easy access service points throughout the vehicle, including quarter turn pins for easy panel removal.

The CUV82 gas powered model starts at $14,999 and the diesel powered CUV102D starts at $16,299.  Everything you see in the pictures in standard, except for the front windshield. There are over 50 different custom accessory options available, including a power bed dump option, snow plows, heater, several different roof covers, and front winch.  The website states that both models will be available in the summer of 2018.  I was told another version with a second row of seating is also being worked on for future release.

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