6 Ways to Reduce Construction Employee Turnover for Small Contractors

Over the past few years, it has been abundantly clear that many contractors have their choice of work and not enough resources to handle all of the opportunities.  That abundance commonly leads to the labor field being able to bounce between companies for quick wage increases, leaving company owners and management struggling to keep fully staffed with qualified people.

Charles Petersheim, a small construction business owner and blogger at Builder, recently shared some “field-tested” tips that he used to retain his most valuable employees.  I’m going to paraphrase them below, but I encourage you to read the entire article, titled “Six Field-Tested Tips to Retaining Valuable Employees” over on Builder.

Petersheim has found that the following solutions have helped in employee retainage:

  1. A 401K program with a delayed vesting schedule

  2. Paid holidays, vacation, and flex times

  3. Purchasing the most productive employees personal trucks, but keeping the title and ownership

  4. Improving the day-to-day quality of the jobsite by making sure it stays very organized and allowing for long weekends

  5. Reviewing the overall compensation and benefits with each employee regularly, so that they can see the full value the company is offering

  6. Creating a culture of family

The author goes into much deeper detail on each topic in his blog post and I once again encourage you to read the full post.

Full story: Six Field-Tested Tips to Retaining Valuable Employees | Builder