PlanGrid Beefs Up Their Integrations with 3rd Party Apps for Enhanced Efficiencies

courtesy of PlanGrid

courtesy of PlanGrid

Fresh of the heels of their $875 Million Acquisition by Autodesk, PlanGrid has released several enhancements to streamline your processes. Through the release of PlanGrid Connect and a couple other enhancements, it will now be easier than ever for users to reduce manual data entry across multiple applications.

PlanGrid, like other construction software companies, has been partnering with 3rd party applications in recent years to allow integrations into their platform.  Those integrations, in turn, allow users to only open 1 single application in order to get information from 2 or more applications. It’s all about reducing redundancies and increasing accuracy.

In addition to the aforementioned PlanGrid Connect, the company has also expanded their API and added direct pre-built integrations.

PlanGrid Connect

With PlanGrid Connect, users can now easily customize the integrations between PlanGrid and their 3rd party apps to fit the needs of their business without the need for IT resources.  For example, a signed document within DocuSign can be integrated into PlanGrid and quickly referenced out in the field. 

The screenshot below shows how users can manipulate the integrations using PlanGrid Connect to change how 2 apps interact without needing to know how to code.

courtesy of PlanGrid

courtesy of PlanGrid

Expanded API

If you don’t know what an API is, it’s basically computer code that allows two different programs to interact with each other.  The App store on Apple or Google Play on Android use APIs to talk to each other.

PlanGrid has expanded their API to Field Reports and Tasks, which will allow users to customize integrations with 3rd party apps and transmit data to and from PlanGrid. In the video below, you’ll see how information can be automatically pushed to another application, like Smartsheet.  If that same Smartsheet document is updated, those changes are then automatically updated within PlanGrid, as well.

Additional Direct Pre-Built Integrations

In addition to their dozens of other pre-built 3rd party app integrations through the PlanGrid Partner Ecosystem, PlanGrid has added integrations with Mirai Networks,, OxBlue, Safety Reports, SBN Consultants, and ZVerse.

It’s nice to see that PlanGrid is still committed to product integrations with 3rd party apps, especially since most contractors use at least 2 or more different programs to run a project.  Enhancing efficiencies gets workers out from under a pile of paperwork, so they can better focus on making a positive impact on their project.