[VIDEO] Watch 1,500 Chinese Construction Workers Replace Train Tracks in 9 Hours

It’s pretty amazing the work that can get done when a lot of resources and money are thrown at one project. Past examples of this include a gigantic sinkhole that was repaired in Japan in just under a week, the complete emergency rebuild of Atlanta’s I-85 overpass that was completed a month ahead of schedule, and this video of 116 excavators working side by side to demolish a 1,640 foot long overpass overnight

Recently, the video below surfaced of 1,500 construction workers in China only spending 9 hours to replace a large section of train tracks.

Many videos posted to Youtube of the project state that the crew completed a full train station, but as Slate points out, that was a mistranslation from the original video in Chinese. Regardless of what was accomplished in 9 hours, the sight of 1,500 workers and 23 excavators working in a relatively small area is both memorizing and terrifying. 

Giving that many people in such a tight area seems like a logistical and safety nightmare and we hope no one was seriously injured that night.  You’ll see a few shots of excavators swinging their buckets and moving to a new location surrounds by dozens of workers and large pre-fabricated sections of track being moved with workers standing on top.

The tracks and railroad switches were being installed in Longyan, China and will eventually connect the city to Nanping. Top speed of the railway is expected to be 124mph (200 kilometers per hour).  When complete, it will cut travel time between the two cities down from 7 hours to just 90 minutes.