$1.3 Million Bottle of Vodka Found on Construction Site

russian vodka

Of all the crazy things found on a construction site, an item recently found in Copenhagen, Denmark might just top them all.

Expensive small batch alcohol has been a popular trend in America recently, but I bet you’ve never had a drink from a vodka bottle worth $1.3 million before.  After thieves stole the priceless bottle from a pub in Copenhagen, the bottle was emptied and later discarded on a construction site.

The vodka inside was relatively worthless, however, because the bottle itself is made of 6.6 pounds of gold and 6.6 pounds of silver and fitted with a diamond encrusted cap.  The bottle’s creator was a Latvian car manufacturer, Dart Motorz, according to the New York Times.

The famous bottle, which also made a brief appearance on Netflix’s “House of Cards” was turned over to police by an unidentified man, who found it on the construction site.  A picture of the bottle is below: