[VIDEO] An Interesting Theory on What Caused the FIU Bridge Collapse

Screenshot from AvE's FIU Bridge Collapse Video

Screenshot from AvE's FIU Bridge Collapse Video

Since the horrific FIU bridge collapse last Thursday, there has been a lot of speculation on how exactly this catastrophe happened, based on pieces of information learned over the past few days, as well as a couple grainy videos of the collapse. It’s going to be a long time before investigations into the true causes are determined and all the dust surrounding impending lawsuits clears, but for now, we have one very interesting Youtube video explaining a plausible cause of the failure.

For those who don’t know AvE, he’s a Canadian YouTuber known for his colorful language and tearing apart tools to see what makes them “cooch” (one of the many words he’s made popular amongst his viewers). In other words, he’s got an engineering mind with the mouth of a sailor. 

He recently got his hands on some preliminary plans for the FIU bridge and believes he’s found the “smoking gun” for what caused the collapse. In the 16 minute video below, he’ll take you through a few of the most interesting drawings and details of the structural system.  He analyzes the images and videos from the scene, in addition to performing what he calls a “homebrew experiment” to illustrate his point.

This is obviously just one theory, but it appears the most plausible so far. What do you think of Ave’s theory?

If you couldn’t gather from above…be warned that there is foul language in the video, if you’re averse to that.