[VIDEO] Watch A Window Fall 500 Feet to the Ground After Cable Snaps

OSHA has warned the industry for years not to stand below suspended loads, because, although it’s fairly rare for cables to snap or come unsecured, the results can be devastating.  Earlier this year, workers in Texas scattered from a site when a crane’s line snapped while lifting a precast concrete wall.

A video that surfaced last week of a window falling around 500 feet down the side of a building is the most recent example caught on video.

Construction crews were preparing to replace window glazing on the 47-story tall Wellhouse na Leninskom tower in Moscow, Russia, when a cable snapped just as the window was about to reach the top of the structure, according to Sploid.

According to the Daily Mail, there were no reports of injuries, but the falling window did cause some damage to the building, when the glass bounced off of it and shattered into a million pieces.

That’s going to be a real pane in the glass to clean up.

Watch the video below: