Procore Launches New Labor Tracking Platform, Including Digital Time Sheets

Procore Timesheets

Procore, one of the country’s most popular construction project management software, has officially launched the first product in their newest line: Field Productivity.  The newest product line joins Procore’s 3 other existing lines: Project Management, Quality & Safety, and Construction Financials.

The first product that Procore is offering on the Field Productivity line is Labor Tracking, which consists of 2 separate tools: Timesheets and Crews.

Timesheets will not only allow your company to log electronic time sheets, it will also provide an opportunity to input production quantities that each crew completes. In its current form, the program is set up to have the self-performing contractor’s foreman, superintendent, or project manager to input the time worked for the entire crew, as opposed to each individual worker being responsible for doing it themselves. After the time is entered, the employee is responsible for electronically signing the time sheet and making sure it is accurate.

This product isn’t the first to offer electronic time sheets, but the concept itself has always seemed like a no brainer to me.  The amount of time wasted manually logging, sorting, and sifting through written data not only greatly delays paychecks from going out, it also greatly reduces accuracy and the company’s ability to analyzes labor hour data. After all, labor hours are an enormous part of every construction contract.

Procore Labor Productivity

Crews, the second tool in the Labor Tracking Product, allows companies to organize groups of people into crews, just like however they’re organized in the field. This tool will add a second layer of reporting ability, by being able to separate and compare the data between one crew and another.

Procore’s plan for the new product in the future is to allow self-performing contractors to track equipment and materials in addition to labor.

Since Field Productivity is a separate product line from Procore’s flagship Project Management line, it is being sold separately. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can currently request a demo of the program on Procore’s website. It will also be available for use on both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Check out the video below for some additional information: