[VIDEO] Typhoon Destroys Material Hoist in China

Editor’s note: the material hoist was originally and mistakenly called a tower crane. The article title and body have been edited accordingly.

As the US is experiencing our own natural disaster, by way of Hurricane Florence, China is being hit badly by a Typhoon Mangkhut. According to Independent, the storm has caused a material hoist, which looks similar to a tower crane and was being used on a 22-story housing development, to crumble. That collapse was caught on camera by neighbors.

High winds are obviously a huge hazard to tall structures, like material hoists and tower cranes and 2017’s Hurricane Irma made that abundantly clear when it destroyed 2 tower cranes that were being used in Miami.  Many of the tower cranes in that storm were left in “free slew,” which allowed them to spin freely in the wind to reduce resistance.

The video was shared on Facebook by Geologica – Day by Day

A different angle of the collapse was shared by Vikash Jaiswal: