[VIDEO] Watch a One Mile Long Bridge Over Water Be Imploded in Seconds

Demolition by implosion videos are always fun to watch.  Adding an element of water makes them even more dramatic, though it’s probably not great for the ecosystem.  Late last week, a one mile long, 23 year-old bridge in China was imploded in front of a crowd of spectators and caught on camera.

The Ji’an Ganjiang bridge in Eastern China was opened to traffic in December of 1995, but the population has since outgrown the capacity of the bridge and will be replaced, according to Metro UK. The 5,173 foot long, 50 foot wide bridge was supported by four main columns and an additional 61 piers.

Construction on a new, wider bridge will begin in January of 2019 and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2021.

Check out the video below, uploaded to Youtube by Watchtower, with multiple angles of the dramatic implosion. Watch for the demolition footage, stay for the 80s sitcom music.