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Fieldwire Custom Form Builder

Fieldwire Custom Form Builder

I’m a strong proponent of reducing the amount of pen and paper used on construction jobsites.  Handwriting notes is great for personal use, but as soon as you need to get those notes or reports to someone else, you either spend time duplicating your work on a computer or never get around to communicating, because your notes were misplaced, destroyed, or illegible. Fieldwire, a field software for collaborating on plans, punch lists, and scheduling, among others, has recently announced the release of a custom form building tool to reduce the need for paper on your jobsite.

In addition to the custom form building tool, Fieldwire has also released six different pre-built forms for your use, including daily reports, inspection checklists, RFIs, timesheets, safety audit forms, and time & material forms. The custom form builder will bridge the gap for any other form that your company needs filled out and tracked.  Since it is digital, the completed forms will be attached to your particular project and easily searched for when it’s needed later.

Users have the option to customize one of the 6 pre-built forms or build a completely new form from scratch. In the screenshot of the form builder above, you can see there are several different options to add to the builder, including a list field, a table, weather information, an attachment, and a signature field with time stamp. The list field includes options for open text, date & time, check boxes, numbers, and more.

Fieldwire has also released a 6 minute video on how custom forms works, which you can watch below: