6 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Compact Loader

One of the most highly used and versatile pieces of equipment on any construction site is a compact loader, also known as a skid steer, or by the name of one of its common manufacturers, “Bobcat.”

When using a compact loader on site, one important choice is to determine whether you need it to have wheels or tracks. Another extremely important choice is how you and your team is going to maintain the machine.

Construction Equipment (CE) recently shared a few tips from Case Construction Equipment’s product marketing manager, Debbie Townsley, to keep your compact loader up and running for a longer period of time. I’ll summarize those tips below, but encourage you to check out CE’s full article in the link above for more information.

  1. Keep tires clean

  2. Check tire inflation

  3. Check fluid levels

  4. Inspect and replace filters regularly

  5. Check belts, like alternator belt and fan belt

  6. Check regularly for signs of structural damage

Overall, though, preventative maintenance for these machines is very similar to a car.  Just because they’re built to withstand a jobsite doesn’t mean they don’t need a little upkeep every once in a while.

Full story: Uptime Tips for Skid Steer Loaders | Construction Equipment