The Constructrr Podcast is Your Source for BIM and Blockchain in Construction

Constructrr podcast header.jpg

Construction Junkie’s annual Best Construction Podcast Competition is underway for 2019 and the voting booth is officially open.  As part of the contest this year, we will be highlighting one of the contest’s nominees each week. This week we highlight Constructrr.

Hosted by construction project manager Brittanie Campbell-Turner, Constructrr is a semi-monthly podcast focusing on technology and collaboration in the construction industry.  BIM, Blockchain, and Lean Construction seem to be Campbell-Turner’s main passions and she’s more than qualified to talk on the subjects.

Most episodes feature an interview with someone in the construction industry that “crushing it,” “innovatively efficient,” or positively impactful.  These people could either be from her professional life or from the greater industry.

Some of the most recent guests on Constructrr were Marzia Bolpagni, a BIM Consultant and co-editor of the BIM Dictionary and Bill DeBevec, host of the BIM Thoughts.

Campbell-Turner also frequently posts industry event presentation that she gives at tradeshows.  I recently listened to the episode titled, “Presentation: Using Blockchain to Unlock the Value of Platforms,” because I wanted to learn more about how blockchain can be applied to the construction industry.  I found it to be a great starting point for those interested in the subject and want to know more.

This is the 2nd straight year that Constructrr has been nominated for the Best Construction Podcast Competition, after finishing 8th out 10 in 2018. 

If you’d like to vote for The Constructrr Podcast or check out the rest of the nominees in this year’s contest, click here to be linked to the voting booth.