68 Million Year Old Triceratops Fossils Found on Denver Construction Site

Finding ancient or strange items on a jobsite can be extremely exciting, especially when dinosaurs are involved.  Contractors in Colorado recently uncovered quite the surprise when they unearthed some ancient fossils.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science was called out to a senior living facility construction site in Highlands Ranch, Colorado (near Denver) in Mid-May after they uncovered limb bones and several ribs from an unknown dinosaur.

After weeks of digging on the job site, the museum determined that the fossils came from an adult triceratops that died around 68 million years ago.  That amount of time is extremely hard to fathom.

Like many site contractors are aware, this year has been extremely wet for a lot of the country, which made the dig a little more difficult and time consuming for the archeologists on-site.  Ground water throughout the site was already being pumped due to a natural aquifer, CBS Denver stated, but the Denver area also saw snow, hail, and sleet storms, as well as rain, which caused some additional delays.

The Western United States has been more susceptible to finding dinosaur fossils.  In fact, a relative of the triceratops, called a torosaurus, was found at a Thorton, Colorado construction site in 2017. Those fossils were determined to be around 66 million years old.

Check out some more footage of the fossil dig in the YouTube video below: