At least 1 killed, 6 Injured by Collapsed Crane Hits Occupied Apartment Building During Storm

As a storm blew through the Dallas, Texas area on Sunday afternoon, a tower crane standing near an occupied apartment building collapsed causing at least one fatality and 6 injuries.

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Dashcam Video of Deadly Seattle Crane Collapse Surfaces, Giving Clues to the Cause

On Saturday afternoon, tragedy struck downtown Seattle as a tower crane that was being dismantled suddenly fell to the street below, killing two ironworkers and 2 people that were in their cars, as well as injuring 4 others. Dashcam footage of that collapse has recently surfaced, giving some clues as to why the crane fell as it did.

After reviewing the video and pictures from the scene, many believe that the pins, which secure the tower crane sections together, were pulled prematurely.  King5 News reports that experts point to the fact that the base section of the crane did not move at all.  Many initial reports pointed to wind gusts that rolled through the area, but it now appears that the wind only played a small part as the structure was significantly weakened.

In King5’s story, attorney David Kwass, who has worked on the litigation for crane incidents in the past, drew comparisons to a 2012 crane collapse in Dallas.  In that case, many thought the wind was a big factor, but it was later discovered that the crane had been prematurely de-pinned.

As the investigation rolls on, let’s not lose sight of the fact that 4 people lost their lives and many others will be affected by witnessing the incident for years to come. King5 also reported that the victims were 33-year-old Travis Corbet and 31-year-old Andrew Yoder, both ironworkers, as well as a 19-year-old college freshman Sarah Wong and 71-year-old Alan Justad.

The video of the incident shared on YouTube is below.

[VIDEO] Renovating the Top of Canada’s Tallest Structure

Completed in 1976, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada held the record for the tallest freestanding structure in the world from 1975-2007, until it was supplanted by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. At its highest point, the CN Tower, which is mainly used as a communications and observation tower, reaches 1,815.4 feet (533.33m). Last year, the tower underwent a $16 million renovation and Priestly Demolition shared a fascinating, in-depth video for how they took care of the demolition of the interior space and walls.

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[VIDEO] Crane Catches Fire, Collapses on Georgia Construction Site

Cranes collapsing on-site are serious business, especially since many of them resulted in the loss of life.  A recent crane collapse on a construction site in Alpharetta, GA was caught on camera after it caught fire, but luckily no one was injured.

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[VIDEO] 8 Injured After Crane Collapses During Renovations of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

There are a lot of different specialty construction contracting sectors within the industry and cruise ships are definitely one of them.  There are plenty of unique challenges when dealing with a moving ship versus a static building.  A recent accident highlighted the challenges when a crane collapsed on a cruise ship under renovations, injuring 8 people.

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