Fieldlens Adds Several New Features on Most Recent Update



FieldLens, a web based application available on both Android and iOs, allows for real-time documentation of safety hazards, job site notes, and punch lists.  The app eliminates the need to re-type your notes or send separate emails to the correct people, because it can create instantaneous reports on all the information you typed in to your phone or tablet on the job site.

Recently, Fieldlens added three new features that the company says are requested often: exporting drawings in PDF format to be able to print, the ability to add text markup to photos and drawings on iOS, and more report customization for iOS.

Exporting to PDF

As much as I’d like everything to be paperless, sometimes it’s still necessary to print drawings, so it’s good that Fieldlens will now let you export to PDF.  You’ll just have to select the drawings you want to print from the Drawings Page, click download, and the drawings will then appear in View Downloads.  Fieldlens added this handy GIF to their recent blog post about it:

via Fieldlens

via Fieldlens

Adding Text Markup to Photos and Drawings

There are many situations where a picture alone cannot tell the whole story, so the ability to add text to photos is extremely helpful.  I’m not sure why the update is only for iOS, but Fieldlens will now allow you to type directly onto a picture or drawing, change the color of the text, and change the size and position of the text.

More Report Customization for iOS

Android users already had this ability, but now iOS users will be able to change format and layout of reports with their iPhone or iPad.  Fieldlens is a reporting app, after all, so the additional ability to make your reports your own should prove helpful.

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