[VIDEO] Watch a 1960s Era Gas Powered Drill Be Restored

I’ve written about Hand Tool Rescue’s Youtube channel a couple times before and the reason I like it so much is that it’s not only entertaining and therapeutic to watch, it also informs me about tools I never even knew existed.

Until I saw the video below, I never knew that gas powered hand tools ever existed and, to be honest, there’s probably a reason for that.  It’s a super cool restoration to watch, but man I’m glad I never had to use one of these.

The tool being restored was made by Ohlsson and Rice, sometime around the 1960s or 70s, and known as the Drillgine.  Its original intended purpose was to drill into maple trees for syrup.

The fumes in tight spaces alone would be enough to give you some serious brain problems.  If you watch to about the 13:30 mark, you’ll see that the restored drill doesn’t have much power, even with a small bit, but that was due to not being able to find a replacement carburetor that’s been badly damaged, according to the video description. That issue also greatly shortens its run time.

Check out the restoration below: