[VIDEO] Second Attempt at Pontiac Silverdome Implosion is Successful

On Sunday, demolition contractors tried to bring down the upper portion of the Pontiac Silverdome, former home to the Detroit Lions, but several of the explosives didn’t ignite and the structure was still upright after the smoke cleared.  After videos of the failed demolition were posted online, the internet had a field day.

Wiring issues were believed to be the cause of the problems, but it could not be determined how the wires were damaged or loosened.

One day later, on Monday December 4th, the second implosion attempt was quietly - and successfully – performed.  After the first attempt didn’t go as planned, The Detroit News reported that the current owner of the Silverdome put a “gag order” on the demolition contractor. 

Check out the video of the successful second attempt, by Mitten360 by Peter Michael Photography Studio, below.  It features some pretty incredible flyover views during and after the implosion.