[VIDEO] Crane Suspending Skid Steer During Demolition is a Bad Idea

via  Youtube

Since Construction Junkie was conceived in 2015, we’ve seen a lot of construction equipment flip for some really stupid reasons.  Like this crane, this other crane, and this third crane dropping a bulldozer.  Those are just some of the ones caught on video and they should be enough to convince you not to go out of your way to do dangerous things with a crane. 

That didn’t stop a crew demolishing a building recently, as a video surfaced of a crane operator suspending a skid steer operator mid air while he used the jackhammer attachment.  Fortunately for this crew, it didn’t result in another flipped crane, but if something went wrong the skid steer operator would have been seriously injured. In the video, you can even hear the crane operator yell to the man below not to “push” the machine, because he was worried that the crane would start to rock.

Bottom line: don’t try this at your job site.