[VIDEO] Roofer Amazingly Escapes Burning 6 Story Building By Hanging On to Crane Hook

As recently highlighted by several multi-story building fires, contractors should always be prepared in the event a fire starts on a job site.  There have been dozens multi-story building fires in the past few years and many were started when the building was topped out.  In most cases, the project was completely destroyed, leaving developers and owners to deal with years of delays from insurance claims.  A massive five-alarm fire at an Oakland construction site is one of the more recent examples.

When workers are on-site when job site fires start, things get very intense very quickly.  Recently, a six story building under construction in Rødovre, Denmark caught fire, trapping 2 workers on the roof.  The second worker ended up being backed into a corner by the smoke, explained TV2Lorry.dk, leaving the team on-site with limited options to save him. A crane operator on site then hopped in his cab and was able to get the lifting hook close enough to the trapped worker for him to grab onto it.  The absolutely amazing rescue was caught on video by someone near the building, which you can watch below.

This recent rescue is reminiscent of a 2014 Houston, Texas fire, in which a trapped worker had to swing himself onto a lower balcony 50 feet in the air in order to escape the growing fire.

Video below uploaded to Youtube by New York Post: