New Augmented Reality App Turns Your Phone into a Tape Measure

via  Youtube

It’s pretty amazing all of the things that smartphones can do right now.  While some wish phones would go back to “just making dang blasted phone calls, like the good ole days,” it’s clear that phone’s will always be more than that moving forward. Through apps and other attachments, phones can now turn into a thermal imaging camera, an x-ray vision scanner to see what’s behind walls, a laser measure, and now an augmented reality tape measure.

AR Measure is a new Apple iOS app that uses augmented reality to measure distances with your smartphone. No additional add-ons or accessories are required to use the app. Although not yet available, it is scheduled to be released in the fall, when Apple iOS 11 is released.

I wouldn’t expect anyone in the construction industry to use this app as a replacement to a traditional tape measure or laser measure, but for quick budgeting purposes and other preliminary due diligence, this could be a big time saver.  The developers of the app, Laan Labs, has released a demo video showing how the app will work once released, which you can watch below: