[VIDEO] Teen Runs over Police Car with Bulldozer, Chase Ensues

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Smaller heavy construction equipment is the most likely to be stolen on a jobsite, but most of the time the thieves try to sell the equipment for money.  On rare occasions, the thief just takes the machine out on the town for a joy ride and leading the police on some pretty frustrating pursuits.  Early last year, a man in Florida stole a backhoe and lead police on a wild 3 hour chase as the hammer attachment drug along the asphalt throwing sparks the whole way. Just last week, police dash cam footage showed an 18 year old backing over a police cruiser, with an officer still inside, and then leading several other officers on a slow chase.

The Kankakee, Illinois Police Department said that the man has been charged with six felony counts, including attempted murder, driving under the influence, criminal damage to property and theft greater than $500.  Fox 10 said that the chase lasted for roughly 4 miles before an officer was able to pull the man out of the dozer.

Here’s what the police car looked like after the dozer ran over it:

Check out the dash cam footage of the chase below, shared by Fox 10.  In it, you can see the officer run out of his car as the dozer was destroying it.