PlanGrid Releases New Submittal Platform, Including Automatic Submittal Log Creation

via PlanGrid

via PlanGrid

Creating and tracking submittals on a construction project can be a pain-staking process.  Many times, each submittal is tracked manually via emails or spreadsheet, which leaves companies vulnerable to allowing certain ones to fall through the cracks.  Factor in lead times on materials and it could cost your project valuable schedule days or expedited shipping fees, not to mention hours that the office staff spends tracking down paperwork.

PlanGrid, a construction document management, markup, and annotation tool, has recently announced the release of two solutions to the submittal creation and tracking problem: a Submittals platform and an Automatic Submittal Log.

The Submittals platform streamlines the tracking process by keeping logs of submittal submissions and approvals all in one application.  It allows users to assign tasks to the subcontractor, designer, and general contractor, so the project manager can keep the team updated or send reminders to those holding up the approval. As soon as a submittal has been fully approved, the up-to-date drawings are automatically distributed to the project team within the PlanGrid app. That will greatly reduce the risk of subs working off of outdated drawings.

Contractors may find the Automatic Submittal Log the most exciting part of PlanGrid’s newest update.  By simply uploading the entire spec book to the Submittal platform, the software will extract all of the pertinent data and automatically create a log of all required submittals.  The website states that additional fees will apply if you’d like to add the Submittals feature to your projects.

You can check out the video below for more information on how the Submittals platform and Automatic Submittal log work: