Reminder: Employers Must Post 2017 Injury and Illness Summary by February 1



OSHA gives employees many rights in the workplace and employers many responsibilities.  One of those is the employee’s right to see the company’s OSHA 300 Injury and Illness Summary Log and the employer’s responsibility to post it.

While OSHA recently started requiring employers to electronically submit their OSHA Form 300 and the 2017 data is due by July 1, 2018, there is still a requirement for employers to make their form 300 available for their employees to see prior to that date.

According to OSHA standard 1904.32(b)(5 & 6), the annual summary must be posted in a “conspicuous place or places where notices to employees are customarily posted” and “you must post the summary no later than February 1 of the year following the year covered by the records and keep the posting in place until April 30.” In other words, you must post your company’s 2017 OSHA Form 300 in a place where your employees typically are from February 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018.

Employers who had 10 or fewer employees at all times during the 2017 calendar year are exempt from the posting requirement, per OSHA standard 1904.1.

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