10 Mistakes Construction Companies Should Avoid Making on Their Websites

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As the construction industry moves further away from handshake deals and getting work solely based on relationships, the importance of marketing your construction company outside your core customers is becoming more and more important.  While many companies still don’t have a website, most have at least some sort of online presence.

Relatively speaking, making a website in 2018 is extremely easy and cheap.  With pre-made templates that only require the user to drag and drop their content, there’s no excuse for not building a web presence for your company. After it’s built, most of the battle is getting potential clients to actually find and visit your company’s website, but once they find it, you better be sure your content will help you convert that visit into a sale.

This isn’t only a problem for small contractors, either, many large companies struggle to market their brand correctly, as well. In fact, The Brand Constructors, a construction marketing services group, recently reviewed the websites of all ENR Top 400 contractors and shared their list of the 10 Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Their Websites.

I’m not going to mention all 10 of the mistakes, but I will pick my favorites and encourage you to visit Brand Constructor’s website for the full list.

1. Unable to Quickly Edit the Website

As I mentioned above, there are many ways to quickly and easily build a website and that includes updating it as well.  If your website is too time or cost-consuming to update, you need to look into a new platform immediately.  Customers don’t want to visit your site and see that you haven’t added a new project for 3 years.

2. Using Flash

Flash used to be the best way to add animation or video to your website, but not anymore. It’s also extremely slow and not searchable on Google.  According to Brand Constructors, over 150 of the 400 companies they reviewed still have flash on their websites.

4. Not Telling Your Buyer What You Do

As all contractors should know, all construction is not created equal.  You have to be clear when explaining the services that your company provides, because calling yourself a “construction company” isn’t good enough.  Do you work mostly residential, commercial, new construction, remodels, etc?

5. Forgetting Your Other Audiences

Your website focus shouldn’t only be on potential customers, Brand Constructors says, because you also have to focus on your current employees and potential future employees. Future employees have to be able to find you and determine if your company is worth working for.

10. No People

Speaking of people, the article mentions that instead of only showing the buildings that you’ve completed, show your people actually building.  “If all you have is completed project photos, you’ll look like a real estate company, not a construction company,” they mention.

Full story: Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Makes On Their Websites | The Brand Constructors