[VIDEO] Demolition Reduces Frankfurt Kentucky’s Tallest Building to Rubble in Seconds

via YouTube

via YouTube

It’s been a while since we have shared a demolition video on Construction Junkie. We recently discussed a very high profile demolition project, the tallest voluntary demolition on record, which is schedule to start next year and how it is expected to happen, but no videos. Between the cold weather in most of the country and the general lack of interesting demolitions happening, it’s good to finally be back to feeling normal around here. 

Before March of 2018, the 28-story Capital Plaza Office in Frankfort, Kentucky was the tallest building in the city.  It stood 330 feet tall for 46 years before it was imploded on March 11 to make room for a new 385,500 square foot office building that will house 1,500 employees and a parking structure that will hold around 1,200 vehicles, according to USA Today.

The Lexington Herald Leader reported that the building has been slated for demolition since 2008, when an architecture firm determined that it would be much more cost effective to tear the building down instead of renovating it. Prior to this month’s demolition, the Herald said that there had been reports of water leaks and concrete falling from the structure. Parts of the old building have been preserved for re-use in the new building, including the marble that was in the old lobby.

The privilege of pushing the plunger to start the demolition was auctioned off earlier in the week for $15,000.  The winning bid amount was then donated to #WeAreKY! Inc., which supports Kentucky’s foster care and adoption initiatives.

Fantastic 4K footage of the demolition was captured by Flightdubs and shared to YouTube, which you can watch below: