PlanGrid Releases 7 New Updates to Make Life Easier

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Tracking updates to construction software is uncharted territory for many contractors and very easy to miss.  I’m going to be highlighting a lot more software updates and enhancements for several of the major project management and construction productivity software that many construction professionals are using in the future.  Recently, PlanGrid announced 7 small, but new, updates that most of its users will  find helpful.

1. Add Multiple Assignees and Watchers to Issues

PlanGrid has always allowed users to track punch list items in the “Issues” tab, but the updates will now give users the ability to assign those issues to 2 different team members and also add an unlimited amount of “watchers” to each item. 

The watchers will be able to view the items and will also receive a notification when the issue has been updated with new information. That’s a nice addition that will eliminate a lot of manual follow-up.

plangrid punchlist watcher.JPG

2. Bulk Add “Watching” Team Members in Submittals

PlanGrid released their Automatic Submittal Log in January of 2018, which allows users to upload an entire spec book or multiple spec sections and automatically create a submittal log in minutes. As an added enhancement, Submittals users can add watchers to Submittals that are being tracked in bulk, instead of manually adding watchers one-by-one. Adding a watcher keeps pertinent members of the team updated when changes or approvals are made on the submittal.

3. Related Links on sheets

PlanGrid automatically creates links to other sheets when they are referenced, allowing you quick access to click and navigate to the referenced sheet. The addition of the “Related Links” section shows you every single sheet that is referenced on the sheet, so you can quickly find the one you’re looking for.

4. Photos are now linked to GPS

Imagine working on a 100 acre development or a highway project and taking hundreds of progress pictures, but not having a clue where the pictures are in relation to the site.  I’m sure many of you have been in this situation, but PlanGrid’s new GPS coordinates feature on photos will hopefully save you some hassle in the future. Now, your location when you took the phot is captured within PlanGrid, so you know exactly where you were when you took it. If you’re using PlanGrid offline at the time of the picture, the geolocation will be updated once you’re connected again.

5. Folders for Templates in Field Reports

PlanGrid added Field Reports in 2017 and they’ve added an enhancement to allow users to add folders and subfolders on the web platform. This will give you an additional option for organizing your company’s Field Reports how you see fit.

plangrid report folders.JPG

6. Bulk Edit Field Reports

Bulk editing is a theme of this list and you can now bulk edit multiple Field Reports.  Simply click the check box next to the reports you want to edit and you can change things like weather, notes, assignees, reviewers, managers, and reminders for all of the selected reports at the same time.

PLangrid bulk edit field reports.JPG

7. Weather Improvements

No one watches the weather more closely than meteorologists and construction professionals. NOBODY, you hear me? Tracking weather is also extremely important for project documentation and quality control.

PlanGrid has always offered the option to add weather reports automatically to Daily Reports, but the weather reports will now include precipitation amount (instead of probability) and there is also a new humidity measurement.

For more information about all of the updates, visit PlanGrid's blog post titled "7 New PlanGrid Updates That Matter"