[VIDEO] Unfinished Bridge in Colombia Demolished after Partial Collapse Killed 10

In January of 2018, ten construction workers were killed and another eight were injured when a bridge spanning the Chirajara canyon in Colombia partially collapsed.  That collapse has since been blamed on a poor design, reports have stated. Last week, the remaining sections of the bridge were demolished in dramatic fashion.

The cable-stayed bridge was supposed to span 1,463 feet across the 938 foot deep canyon before it collapsed.  According to the Global Construction Review, the death count could have been much worse if not for a training session that was taking place off of the bridge that included another 180 workers.

It took over 200 pounds of explosives, almost 1000 feet of detonating cord, and 30 detonators to bring down the structure.  There was a tower crane standing adjacent to the section of bridge that was imploded, which looked like it was made of rubber when it fell.  I wasn’t able to find out why that crane was not removed from site before the demolition, but it may have been damaged during the collapse.

You can watch a video of the implosion below: