Take 15 Minutes to Participate in the 2018 Construction Technology Survey

via JBKnowledge

via JBKnowledge

Every year, construction technology company JBKnowledge administers one of the largest and most comprehensive construction technology reports in the country.  After the surveys are completed by thousands of construction companies across the country, the data is compiled into an annual report, which identifies important industry trends. You can find the results of the 2016 survey here and the 2017 survey here.

As not only construction junkies, but also –and more specifically- construction technology junkies, this survey is one of the most interesting and important reports that we cover each year.  The construction industry is certainly taking more interest in technology every year, but there is still a lot more improvement to make. 

JBKnowledge’s goal for the 2018 survey is to get 3,000 respondents, after amassing a record 2,690 entries last year. Simply stated, the more respondents there are to the survey, the better the results will become. As of this publishing, there are almost 7 days left to fill out the report, as the deadline is Thursday, July 2nd just before midnight.  To complete the 15 minute survey, click here.

Survey link: The 2018 Construction Technology Survey | JBKnowledge