DeWalt Announces Several Enhancements to its Construction Site WiFi System

DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Point

DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Point

Just over a year ago, DeWalt announced that it was expanding its reach in construction technology with the release of Construction Site WiFi System. As mobile applications for construction tasks, like daily reporting and plan review, become more and more popular, it’s becoming increasingly important for contractors to ensure there is adequate internet connection on the jobsite.  Managing that connection on an often changing construction site can prove to be a bit of a challenge.

In an August 2018 update, DeWalt mentioned that the actual release of the WiFi system began in March of 2018 and that it has made several enhancements to the system since that time.  In the video you’ll see below, the tool manufacturer mentions that their WiFi access points have connected over 2 million square feet and over 45 jobsites. At this point, the technology is being targeted for large and technologically sophisticated construction companies, although the system does seem pretty easy to set up.

Among the updates are: The addition of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) Capabilities, Single Sign On (SSO) Integration with Procore, and the ability to register and configure access points remotely.

Addition of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) Capabilities

This one will be for the construction IT folks out there.  The addition of VLAN capabilities will allow the office and field networks to operate separately for security purposes, but connect to each other for uniformity.

“Managing the jobsite as a logical extension of the office is critical. Web-based controls such as VLANs create seamless use from the office, to the trailer and onto the site,” explained Mike Stoller, DEWALT Digital Product Manager

Single Sign On Integration with Procore

Procore, a leading Project Management software platform, has done an outstanding job of integrating into many other applications and systems in the past couple years.  The addition of SSO with Procore applications allows for simplicity, because you won’t have to manage two separate log-ins when using both programs together.

The SSO addition starts beta testing this month (August) and you can apply to be a beta use by contacting

Register & Configure Access Points Remotely

The DeWalt WiFi system involves several access points, which are basically big yellow WiFi router boxes, connected together to form a wireless mesh network, for better coverage. Each access point can cover about 10,000 square feet, so some large projects will require dozens of access points.  In order to make the registration and configuration of each of those access points more efficient, DeWalt will now allow that work to be done remotely.

“For many construction companies, remote configuration of access points further simplifies the process of deploying WiFi setup,” Stoller explained. “A user in the field can simply take an access point to the field office, connect it to Ethernet, and let a remote IT group take care of the rest.”