Multi-Story Parking Garage in Texas Collapses Twice, Trapping Dozens of Cars

There have been a few devastating structural collapses across America and the world this year.  In March, an under construction pedestrian bridge collapsed in Florida, killing 6. In Colombia, ten workers were killed when a large section of a bridge being built collapsed. Both of those tragedies happened while the structures were still being built, but a recent collapse in Texas has a bit of a different story.

On July 31, around 60 vehicles were damaged when a large section of the second level of a parking garage in Irving, Texas unexpectedly collapsed after standing for over 20 years. Thankfully, no one was injured in the collapse.

There were 2 separate collapses, with the first causing the largest collapse and the second section, which was directly adjacent to the first, happened shortly afterward when news crews and firefighters were already on the scene, around 5 hours later.

As of August 6, more than 60 vehicles have been removed from the site and the final 6 cars were awaiting a crane to arrive to help pull them out. It’s not yet known what caused the collapse, but investigations are underway. According to Dallas News, Nelson Forensics was hired to perform a structural investigation to find the cause of the incident.  OSHA also plans to investigate the scene.

The second collapse was caught on video and shared by CBS DFW, which you can watch below: