[VIDEO] 7 Story Austin, Texas Parking Garage Implosion is a Great Way to Start 2019

Let’s get 2019 started with the first building demolition by implosion of the year. 

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) was tasked with setting up the explosives to take down a 7-story reinforced concrete parking garage in Austin, Texas. CDI was subcontracted by Grant Mackey Demolition Company, the main demolition contractor. The total square footage of the structure was over 220,000 square feet.

The site where the parking garage formerly stood will house a new student housing complex for University of Texas students, according to Fox7. That Fox article also mentioned that police blocked off surrounding road ways, barricades were set up, and area residents were evacuated in order to ensure safety during the explosions.

The demolition took place on January 6, 2019 and seemingly went off without a hitch. CDI was able to get multiple angles of the implosion on video and shared the footage on their YouTube channel for all to marvel at.