[VIDEO] Construction Worker Survives Being Impaled by Rebar THROUGH HIS HEAD


Falls on the jobsite is the leading cause of injuries and fatalities in construction.  Keeping up with housekeeping on your site is a great way to reduce risks of falls, but other protections, like rebar caps should be installed when rebar is exposed.  A young construction worker recently found out the hard way what happens when rebar is left exposed.

Sanjay Bahe, a 21-year-old construction worker in central India, fell down a well while performing repair work and was impaled by a piece of steel rebar through his skull.  There are some pretty gruesome pictures of the aftermath being shared and there’s also a video you can watch below showing the man speaking with doctors with the rod still sticking though his head.

Thankfully – and miraculously – doctors were able to safely remove the rebar and Bahe is in recovery after only an hour and a half of surgery, according to the New York Post. Doctors explained that the rebar missed his main venous sinus to the brain by less than an inch.

 There have been a few other stories of some pretty crazy recoveries due to steel rebar impalement, like in 2016 when another construction worker in India was impaled completely through his abdomen, which ruptured his liver, diaphragm, and one of his lungs. That worker was also saved by surgery.

Here’s the video of Bahe in the hospital below: