[PHOTO] Contractor Decides to Pave Around Parked Car


Sometimes parked cars get in the way of construction, there’s no doubt about it.  Those types of situations are handled on a case-to-case basis, it seems.  There are the extreme reactions, such as smashing the cars with heavy machinery to get them out of the way, or using a skid steer to move – and damage – a legally parked car.  There’s also the option to simply have it towed, reducing any liability that you or your company might have after causing so much damage.  There’s apparently also a fourth option, which is to completely ignore the area around a parked car and let the internet laugh about it.

According to CBC News, contractors in Montreal, Canada were paving roads in preparation for an upcoming electric-car race that takes place on the city streets in July, when they came across a parked car in their path.  Instead of having the car towed, the contractors chose to pave around the car, creating a source of hilarity around the internet, as well as anger from those in the city.

The pavement that was placed around the car was just the base course, the city said.  The area will be patched and repaired at a later date.  Just judging by the pictures, the pavement section looks to be an overlayment that’s flush with the existing curb, but that could just be the angle of the picture.

CBC reported that this particular pavement was placed just a day ahead of a construction strike, in which the unions were attempting to renegotiate their labor agreements. About a week later, the strike was over as the Quebec government ordered the construction workers to go back to the job sites. Employers and employees have yet to agree on a collective bargaining agreement, but the employees were granted a 1.8% pay raise, which was lower than their requested 2.6% increase.  Many construction workers in the area are unhappy with the process, so job sites relations between the union and non-union workers must be fairly interesting right now.

Full story: Montreal contractor paves around car, the internet laughs | CBC