[VIDEO] Wheeled Crane Tips Over onto Florida Road

Cranes are a necessary and useful piece of equipment on most construction sites, but extreme caution must be taken when working with them, as any failure could be catastrophic or, at the very least, very costly.

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Milwaukee Tool Releases Improved One-Handed Reciprocating Saw

When it comes to cordless power tools, you usually have to make a choice between two things: power and convenience.  As technology advances, especially battery technology, the gap is beginning to shrink and smaller tools are becoming more powerful.  One of the clear examples of that is Milwaukee Tool’s new M18 Fuel Hackzall, a one-handed reciprocating saw, which was first announced at the manufacturer’s New Product Symposium in June of this year.

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Average Hourly Wage of Sheet Metal Workers, By State

Sheet metal workers are most often seen on construction sites installing or repairing HVAC ductwork, but their duties can also include installing sheet metal roofs, siding, and gutters.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the sheet metal profession will grow 9% by 2026. 

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Top Tips For Staying Safe During Winter Construction

The blowing snow of winter does not bring the construction industry to a halt. If you work in the winter, follow these tips to stay safe and warm.

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Microsoft Targeting Construction Trades with New Mixed Reality Hard Hat Accessory

Several years ago, Microsoft released their introduction into the mixed reality headset market with the Microsoft HoloLens.  The headset, which looks like a pair of bulky, futuristic sunglasses, was touted as a game changer to many different industries.  After teaming up with Trimble to directly tackle the construction industry and developing a couple construction technologies for the headset, construction companies have still been extremely hesitant to try out the technology.

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Raken App Releases Several Major Updates After Securing Additional Funding

Consistent documentation is one of the keys to running a successful and productive job site, but if you’re still using pen and paper, you’re falling behind.  There are several web-based applications available to help you manage and organize your reports and photos in the cloud, including Raken, which has recently updated their web and mobile applications.

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[VIDEO] Man Driving Stolen Construction Machine Leads Police on a Slow Speed Chase

A lot of construction equipment is stolen from construction sites every year.  Some are looking to sell it or a quick buck, but others are just looking to take it on a joy ride and cause mayhem in the streets. Earlier this year, a teen stole a bulldozer, ran over a police car, and lead officers on a 3 hour long chase in Illinois. Last year, a man in Florida stole a backhoe and also led police on a 3 hour long slow speed chase, dragging the hammer attachment and sending sparks flying over the road the entire time.

Just last week, another police chase ensued when a 29-year-old man stole a SkyTrak telehander, similar a Lull, in Central Texas.  Travelling around 20 miles per hour, the man refused the stop when police officers attempted to pull him over. 

After backup was called, officers were able to subdue him with a non-lethal projectile and pull him out of the machine.  According to the Lorena Police Department, he was medically cleared, transported to the nearby county jail, and charged with two third degree felonies: theft of more than $30,000/under $150,000 and evading arrest while in a vehicle. 

For contractors, the lesson is to secure your equipment, so you can save the police and yourself a lot of time.

The video below was shared by the Lorena Police Department on Facebook.

Average Hourly Wage of Building Inspectors, By State

Construction superintendents may not like it when the building inspector comes on site and hands out red cards, but inspectors perform important tasks that make sure our buildings were constructed to code and are safe for the public.

At minimum, building inspectors typically require a high school diploma, but many states also require them to have additional certifications or licenses.

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OSHA Battling Against Court Ruling that Invalidated the Multi-Employer Citation Policy

OSHA has long used the language in the OSH act to find and hold multiple employers accountable for the actions of another on construction job sites.  For decades, OSHA would not only cite the employer whose employees were exposed to hazards, but would also cite the employer who was designated the “controlling employer” on-site, which is most often the general contractor.

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